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Pamela Boucher

Soap making

Hi my name is Pam and I come from country WA but my heritage is in Gippsland. My 4 times Great Grandfather, Thomas Tippet Boucher arrived at Port Philip on the 11th of February 1849 and became a Farmer in Omeo. He had fifteen children who went on to populate most of East Gippsland I think! I have three grown children of my own who all live in WA. I moved to Bairnsdale five years ago and felt like I had come home. I’m related to everyone but no one knows who I am!

I came across soap making by accident about six months ago. I had been looking for a hobby and I started reading about soap making online. I tried out a recipe which was a total disaster! But I wasn’t deterred, the next batch turned out really well. It was expensive though and being on a limited income that made it difficult to pursue. I wondered if it could be made out of recycled cooking oils, not only would that be cheaper for me it would make the soap environmentally friendly as used cooking oil is dumped and often finds its way into rivers or creeks, fouling the environment. It can be used in biodiesel but rarely is. Pretty much everything I read said it couldn’t be done so I thought, there’s a challenge! After some experimenting I have managed to make beautiful soap with tallow and ricebran oil.

My pure tallow soap has no added fragrance or essential oils, it smells like the old sunlight soap Granny had in her bathroom.

Tallow has been used in soap for hundreds of years and is the rendered fat of animals. It is an excellent substitute for unsustainable palm oil. It produces a hard bar that cleans your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Tallow contains vitamins A, D and K, along with the antioxidant, Vitamin E which is thought to help with healing and scarring while keeping the skin soft and supple. The soap has a nice rich creamy lather and conditioning properties similar to palm oil. Soap made with tallow cleans gently, being extremely mild it is suitable for most sensitive skin types and babies or small children's tender skin. Tallow soap does not clog pores and is good for your skin. Rice bran oil is made from the husks of rice. It has a similar amount of creamy, moisturizing qualities that olive oil does. It has a lot of the same antioxidants and vitamins that olive oil has, and a similar fatty acid make-up with a high vitamin E content. Rice bran oil soap produces a mild and creamy lather without large bubbles, it is extremely mild, making it suitable for most sensitive skin types and babies or small children’s tender skin.

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