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Linden is an artist from Bairnsdale. East Gippsland, Victoria.

Linden Dean creates naïve-style paintings in her home studio which are the result of artistic efforts that began in 1992 with naïve artist, Gwen Clarke. Over the years Linden has developed her own style and experimented with mixed media using a contemporary naïve style.

Linden has been involved in many exhibitions with the Contemporary Art Naive Group, from Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale, to Cowwarr and Melbourne, and has had three solo exhibitions in Bairnsdale. Linden's artworks take on a narrative style and often depict images focusing on social issues.

Since visiting Japan in 2009, Linden has begun incorporating Japanese washi paper into her watercolour paintings. Examples of these images may be seen on her Facebook page Linden Dean Art.

Coming Home In 2010, Linden was invited to participate in the 43rd annual naïve art week-long workshop at the Gallery of Naïve Art in Trebnje, Slovenia. The gallery purchased the work she completed there ('Coming Home') and it is now part of the its permanent exhibition.

In 2015 some of Linden’s artworks were selected for a group exhibition (Out From Down Under and Beyond) at the Agora Gallery in Chelsea, New York.

In recent years Linden has begun to vary her usual style.

When Linden visited friends in Japan in 2016, she stumbled across an old brush shop. She bought two beautiful brushes and has used them to paint a number of watercoloured ink drawings.

Linden recently joined the East Gippsland Ceramic Group and with the help of their combined knowledge and talent, she has been able to develop pieces in her own style.

Geikie Gorge In January and February of 2020 Linden completed a course at the Australian Print Workshop in Fitzroy. She worked with dry point and chine collé techniques as well as watercolour printing.

Later in 2020, Linden’s artwork, 'Geikie Gorge', was selected as a finalist in the 'Elaine Bermingham National Watercolour Prize in Landscape Painting', and was exhibited at the Webb Gallery in Brisbane.

Linden's gallery, Linden Dean Art, is part of The Phoenix Trail of artists in East Gippsland.

Linden is currently working towards another solo exhibition at the East Gippsland Art Gallery in Bairnsdale commencing on April 23, 2021.

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