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Leanne Dyson

Poetry and photography

Leanne is an artist from Gippsland, Victoria.

I am incredibly lucky to have grown up in Bairnsdale and continue to live in such an inspirational place as East Gippsland. I have worked in the printing industry for a total of 20 years which was during the time of letterpress through the transition to digital format. There is something about the printed word and pictures that brings a satisfaction to me.

Hence, I have two artistic passions, one is strictly amateur photography. I enjoy capturing as many images of the places I love as possible. The other passion is writing which has naturally morphed into poetry. My writing teacher and other members of the class have encouraged me to publish a poetry book, something I didn’t feel confident about.

During February 2019 I self-published a photo book for myself and included some of my poems. I took this book to class and everyone wanted to buy one. This became the prototype of Darkness and Light 1, East Gippsland Pictures and Poems. The 42 pictures and 32 poems in my book have been compiled over a considerable period of time, but not as a result of one another. I complimented each by matching pictures with poems using the impressions and emotions they evoke. I am hoping to compile another book embodying more of my poems and East Gippsland photographs as I have so much more to show and tell.


Ph: 0427 335 916

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