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John's Home Architecture Nature Panoramas

John O'Neill

Tulips at Floriade

Photography and digital art

John has been living in the East Gippsland region since the late 1990s, attracted initially by a teaching job, but also by the wonderful natural beauty of the area. He has had an interest in photography since childhood, but only really got heavily involved with it as a hobby and artform with the advent of the digital era, when he was able to combine his photography with his background in computers. As such he has been honing his knowledge and skills in this area for over a decade, but definitely regards himself as still being a student of the craft.

John's favoured photographic subjects are nature, landscapes, and architecture. However he also enjoys taking on the challenge of capturing whatever subject may present itself at any moment, and has at times become lost in photographing sporting events, and trying to perfect portrait and people photography. He has also done the event photography for a number of special occasions.

Summer's day at Brighton Beach

The internet has allowed John's photographic work to have a global reach and his photos have been published or utilised widely in Victoria and throughout Australia, as well as internationally in countries including the United States, Germany, Spain, France, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Iceland, and Morocco.

Clients have found a plethora of uses for his images, which have included using them professionally for general display purposes, in academic and generalist books, magazines, and other publications, commercially in advertising and marketing, on websites, videos, in apps, in games, and even on a Norfolk Island stamp. His photographs have furthermore served as inspiration for a number of other artists to create paintings, sculptures, and a variety of other artwork.

John's favoured equipment at present is a Canon 7D DSLR with a range of 'L' zoom and prime lenses, but as events may demand he sometimes falls back on his old Canon 400D, his first digital camera being a Canon A95 compact, a waterproof, weatherproof Canon D10, or when nothing else is to hand an iPhone or iPad. He has recently experimented with the abilities of the Micro Interchangeable Lens Camera (MILC) format, shooting with the lovely retro-designed Olympus PEN E-P5.

Unfortunately many other demands on his time through work and other activities has limited the time he has been able to spend on photography for a number of years. Nonetheless he likes to find opportunities to engage this passion when time permits, which is especially the case when he gets the opportunity to entertain another of his passions involving travel.

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John's Home Architecture Nature Panoramas

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