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Great Alpine Arts Trail

Why not spend the weekend with us next May? We promise to entertain you, make you laugh, feed you with local produce and wine, and provide you with visual treats to satisfy your inner cravings. And it's (mostly) free.

The Great Alpine Gallery is once again opening up the Great Alpine Road to a feast of arts, crafts, artisans and food for the first weekend in May.

What a wonderful way to spend a weekend! Drive up the iconic Great Alpine Road, stopping on the way to visit artists open studios, browse through gorgeous artwork and crafts in a variety of galleries, check out crafts and arts market stalls, stop at the local pubs and cafes serving mouth-watering meals featuring local produce, enjoy some wine tasting along the way, all in the spectacular Tambo Valley and High Country. Why not stay overnight with one of our accommodation partners?

Arts Trail Flyer, 2018

See what happened in 2018 ...

Details of the 2017 event ...

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