ARTIST PROFILE – Tracey Johnson

I live in the mountains of far eastern Victoria, Australia, and make lots of things, including art!

My work is immersed in community – I love the joy that creative exploration brings to people. There’s nothing like the glorious pandemonium of a lantern workshop with kids and adults gliding around with their creations. Little children and adults alike are transported somewhere else when they hold a glowing lantern on a stick.

My first love is painting but I work in all kinds of 3D media, especially light-based work. I love working with other artists – possibilities proliferate exponentially when there are many minds, hearts and hands at work.

I have public art installations in Mackay, Townsville and East Gippsland, and travel to Mackay each year to work on a fabulous light and lantern installation, Illuminate. Recently I have facilitated lantern making workshops across East Gippsland for the wonderful East Gippsland Winter Festival.