Marg is 70 something years young and lives in Bruthen, Victoria. Art for several years was a part time hobby; beginning around 15 years ago in a local art class with Gay Evans as teacher.  This kick started Margs journey in painting.   Since retirement from community work 10 years ago she is loving the freedom to paint full time and has taught herself via friends painting groups, the internet, art books, and attending workshops. Marg loves to inspire others to paint.  She believes everyone has the ability, it is a matter of learning the skills then practice and more practice. 

Marg’s artwork is vibrant and happy.  Many of her works are on display at Bruthen and Ensay hotels and Bruthen Arts and Information Centre. Prints on cards, canvas, clothing, phone covers and lots of other items can be purchased on red bubble. Original artworks can be seen on her website. Bubble