ARTIST PROFILE – Lynden Nicholls

I live in Ballarat but my heart lives in Bindi, down a little dead end valley between Swifts Creek and Omeo. My parents bought a property there in the 70s, everything burnt in 2003. I now have a caravan existence on the land along the Tambo whenever I can.

I am a doer and a strong believer in social justice with a prominent concern for First Nations recognition and reconciliation, the future of humanity, animals and the environment. My three personality traits that drive me are curiosity, integrity and straight-talking. Oh, and quite a lot of whimsy!

Different projects require different media. It might be photography, soundscape, or theatre. The context and situation always guide me and I have the skill, experience, and contacts to bring projects to fruition.

An honours degree in philosophy and a lifetime of dance underpin my approach. Dance taught me to see the abstract behind the obvious and to be open to physically embodying my emotions. Philosophy gave me an ability to process information and to clarify intention into action. I have had many photographic exhibitions and have written, directed, lectured, and performed in a range situations and venues over my 40 year involvement in the arts.

Stay curious about our world.