Rainbow Handspun Yarn – Liz Green

As a Visually Impaired Artist I love to experiment with different materials, art mediums and techniques, with a large portion of my current work focusing on all things fibre related. I love the texture that fibres, threads and yarns offer as a medium, how versatile they can be and the potential for creating so many different things from these natural materials.

I am also passionate about and madly in love with colour. Colours are important to me and also feature heavily in my work because they are the largest part of my remaining vision, so I literally experience my world through colour. The importance of colour is a strong theme reflected throughout my work.

My current collection of works features my uniquely hand dyed and hand blended fibres, and hand dyed and handspun yarns. I love nothing more than to experiment with the techniques, colours and mediums to create beautiful bespoke artworks that are reflective of my vision. Some of my favorite techniques including handweaving, bobbin lace, tatting, felting, crochet and knitting, just to name a few.

I find it is incredibly rewarding going through the process of taking the high quality natural fibres, hand dyeing them with my colours, and then blending them together with other luxury fibres like Mulberry Silk is really magical. After this, they are transformed further through either felting them or hand spinning them into yarn. Further turning this handspun yarn into a handwoven or handcrafted product is a real delight as each yarn and subsequent product are so uniquely one of a kind.

I love helping people, including other creators, discover and express themselves through creative means, and I look forward to being able to share my techniques and creative processes in the near future.

Happy Creating!
Thanks for looking and your support in my work,
Liz 🙂 PageRavelryPinterest