I am a landscape painter and have lived for over four decades in The High Country with my work being drawn predominantly from what this region offers.  I now live in Bairnsdale where the subject provides very different qualities.
As a colourist my passion lies in employing colours which resonate with each other within the mood of the painting , whether  they be saturated and strong  or the subtle greyed  colours of the Australian  bush .
I seek the patterns in nature which are duplicated and which provide rhythms which please me.
 My oil paintings are sensations rather than  a literal representation of the subject. I work from sketches and often return to the studio with a remembered  impression of the subject although I favour plein air painting  where response is immediate  and vital.

I have worked consistently, exhibited periodically since 1989  including solo shows at  Gardner Galleries Richmond, East Gippsland Art Gallery and Orbost Exhibition centre