Art is something which has always surrounded me with three inspiring siblings. Many interests and working involvements distracted me from immersing myself in painting. It really wasn’t until I was in my mid to late fifties that things began to happen. Now that I am in my early seventies, I am pleased to say that it is still a vital part of my life.

I think an optimistic temperament has helped me believe in the inescapable beauty surrounding us, in so many of its facets, and it is a desire to capture that sense of beauty which keeps the paint flowing on to the canvas up to this point in time. I often find myself gazing outwardly and inwardly in the hope of translating something tangible and intangible into paint. I guess my prayer is that others might be able to interpret something of that translation!! I try to memorise landscapes and a photograph does help me with composition and a certain amount of detail. However there must be that something that makes it a painting.

Though digitally challenged, a good friend has helped develop a website – Also while I do not like the idea of art competitions, I have had a couple of happy moments: a third here or a highly commended there. A recent joy has been to have my work shown in a Sydney gift shop in Neutral Bay called Merrigal Gifts.

Andrew J Smith