I grew up in New York City. At the age of nineteen I enrolled in modern dance classes and fell in love with improvised movement. My teachers used drums to accompany the classes so when I moved to San Francisco to teach workshops I also began making drums. Using cow skins soaked in water over night to cover round planter boxes. In 1975 I met an interspecies musician who was crafting an all-wooden drum with various musical tones. He explained the principles behind building them and thus my woodworking career began.

Teaching improvised movement theatre was my life’s passion. I devised a pedagogy unique in its use of positive feedback as a tool to help students find their personal style of presentation in the performing space. I’ve done several round the world teaching tours doing workshops in London, Brussels, Berlin, Zurich, Munich, New York, New Zealand and San Francisco. Two books have been written about my work, The Wonder of Improvisation, written and self-published by me, and The Motional Improvisation of Al Wunder, written by Hillary Elliot published by Routledge.

I am no longer teaching and just make drums to order. These days my joy comes from jamming with two other musicians. We call ourselves The Treble Cleft. I play a Ten Tone Large Hum Drum, George plays the Kora, an African string instrument, Bruce plays the Double Bass. Everything we do is totally improvised.

I have an active webpage, or find me on Facebook.