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Anne Richardson


Anne was brought up in Melbourne but moved to East Gippsland over 30 years ago. She has been taking photos since she was 12 and is a people person and fascinated with what makes people the way they are.

Falls Creek lichen Having a nursing background she has always been respectful of individuals and their particular needs. “I love history and older peoples’ stories, as well as children’s’ natural ways. I enjoy capturing the moment with someone I talk to or their action at that time.”

Through nature or portrait photography she aims for the subject to somehow portray its own message or provoke thought in some way. “I aim to communicate a feeling through what I see in the lens and give people an appreciation of what is out there.”

Still Life Pears “The bush to me is not only the wonderful landscapes and patterns in nature, but also the extraordinary characters that have survived the elements and make their own statements with their faces. They portray Australia in the raw.”

Recent work includes still life, abstract including intentional camera movement and encaustic medium.

Contact or M 408 523 498

A gallery of Anne's work can be viewed here.

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