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Ann Bingham is Anns other site showing her art works

Annsilk on to buy Anns artwork applied to various items clothing, mugs, posters, cards, canvas, scarves, iphone cases, laptop skins etc

Silk painting

Ann was born in the High Country of Victoria, and lived in the Arabian Gulf State of Qatar during the 1980s where she finally tapped into her creative side.

She was taught the basics of hand painting on silk by a lady of French/Lebanese descent and has developed a passion for it ever since.

Along with the versatility of this art form she loves the unpredictability of the outcomes when painting on silk.

Her silk cards are a great way of sending a note or greeting to someone, and her painted scarves can be worn or framed.

Available at

Available at

Available at

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Available at

Great Drawstring bag with Silk painting image printed on both front and back. $40.00 SOLD

Small Cushion + insert with my photo applied to fabric invisible zip closure. $25.00

Silk Scarf Hand Painted Silk Scarf A$50.00 SOLD

Hand Painted Silk Scarf A$50.00

Field of daisies SOLD

Man on a mission SOLD

Desert disco SOLD

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