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 ====== Sally Doyle ====== ====== Sally Doyle ======
-===== Painting, ​pottery, and textiles ​=====+===== Painting, ​drawing, and plant fibres ​===== 
 +My work is usually based on nature and my garden in particular. I am a plant fibre weaver, wool spinner and felt maker. I paint in watercolour and acrylic. I have a beautiful little studio that looks over Upper Cassilis Valley and beyond to Brookeville and the Angora Ranges, which i share with my two doggies.
-Sally is an artist from Cassilis, Victoria.+ ​Painting and fibre art  
 +{{ :​sallydoyle:​x_waterbug_1_in_progress_23_.jpg?​nolink&​290|}} 
 +{{ :​sallydoyle:​grape_and_verbena_body_harakeke_raffia_and_cumbungi_skin_4_.jpg?​nolink&​300|}} 
 +{{ :​sallydoyle:​img_8534.jpg?​nolink&​300 |}}
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