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Robert Logie

Printmaking, oil painting, and photography

For over 40 years I have lived here - in the bush of East Gippsland, north of Bairnsdale. It is a rich and ever changing place, I travel whenever possible, walk and enjoy the struggle with my art which I have been attempting “seriously” since January 2004.

Printmaking, oil painting and photography comprise my “artistic endeavour”. I look for strong images that have the freedom to create any way I feel inclined to.

I paint instinctively which results in a inconsistent style, maybe, but one which keeps me interested, frustrated and never settled. The process always seems unpredictable, as do the final pieces, and I enjoy the anticipation of what could happen.

I resent the pressure that is applied on people to view humanity, it’s planet (and it’s art?) stereo-typically, and apathetically, and I have the utmost admiration for those who are able to break through this propaganda.

My art and photography are helping me see beyond the purely visual and it is making me see a lot more in a face, in a landscape and in how people live their lives. It would be good to achieve images which could add to ways of seeing. Humour and making a statement plays more of a role than the decorative. The processes can be very frustrating but some results are unique- doubly so if others express approval.

Contact details
Robert Logie
Logies Rd
Reedy Flat via Ensay, Victoria 3895
Phone: 03 5157 3281
E-mail: Website:

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