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gallery update on closure
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 [[memberships|{{ :​aa-buttons:​memberships_button_-_support_us.jpg?​nolink |Become a Member}}]] [[memberships|{{ :​aa-buttons:​memberships_button_-_support_us.jpg?​nolink |Become a Member}}]]
 +April 2020. Here's an idea to lighten and brighten our days at home . Lighten and Brighten! We are inviting people in our valley to create something colourful and/or lit up at night, and install it on your fence/​gate/​in the paddock etc, to brighten our days. Want to join in? Send us your photos and we'll share them on Facebook. Let's cheer ourselves and everyone else up!
 +{{ :​aa-news:​lighten_and_brighten.jpg?​280 |}}
 +3rd June 2020
 +The gallery is still closed for the moment and waiting on some more guidlines and considering our volunteers. Stay well and looking forward to seeing the art works completed in isolation.
 25th March 2020 25th March 2020
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