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 ===== Poetry and photography ===== ===== Poetry and photography =====
 +{{:​leannedyson:​book_front_of_book_leanne_dyson_resize_1000_long_edge.jpg?​nolink&​200 |}}
 Leanne is an artist from Gippsland, Victoria. Leanne is an artist from Gippsland, Victoria.
 +I am incredibly lucky to have grown up in Bairnsdale and continue to live in such an inspirational place as East Gippsland. I have worked in the printing industry for a total of 20 years which was during the time of letterpress through the transition to digital format. There is something about the printed word and pictures that brings a satisfaction to me. 
 +Hence, I have two artistic passions, one is strictly amateur photography. I enjoy capturing as many images of the places I love as possible. The other passion is writing which has naturally morphed into poetry. My writing teacher and other members of the class have encouraged me to publish a poetry book, something I didn’t feel confident about. ​
 +During February 2019 I self-published a photo book for myself and included some of my poems. I took this book to class and everyone wanted to buy one. This became the prototype of Darkness and Light 1, East Gippsland Pictures and Poems.
 +The 42 pictures and 32 poems in my book have been compiled over a considerable period of time, but not as a result of one another. I complimented each by matching pictures with poems using the impressions and emotions they evoke.
 +I am hoping to compile another book embodying more of my poems and East Gippsland photographs as I have so much more to show and tell. 
 +{{:​leannedyson:​book_light_leanne_dyson_long_edge_1000.jpg?​nolink&​250 |}}
 +{{ :​leannedyson:​taylor_s_crossing_mitta_mitta_promises_leanne_dyson_long_edge_1000.jpg?​nolink&​250|}}
 +Ph: 0427 335 916
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