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 ===== Current and upcoming exhibitions ===== ===== Current and upcoming exhibitions =====
-{{:eco_dyeing_1.jpg?180 |}}{{:cairn_building_1.jpg?180 |}}{{:silk_1.jpg?180 |}}{{:living_river_basketry_1.jpg?180 |}}+{{:aa-exhibitions:​16_60ar_need_lge.jpg?200|}}  {{:aa-exhibitions:​16_60ar_need_lge2.jpg?200|}} {{:aa-exhibitions:​18_1860ar_img_6400_2_sm.jpg?200|}}  {{:aa-exhibitions:​59561156_2243924105685336_5796021433528221696_o.jpg?200|}} 
 +**Living River** - The Waterbugs are on display at the Great Alpine Gallery until 2nd June - don't miss it, they look stunning! 
 +The Living River launch was a spectacle of light and colour, even more joyous with a heavy fall of much-needed rain! About 60 people attended the launch with illuminated waterbugs hung in and around the Gallery, and a small group walking the Poets Walk in the rain as Dave Butler read John Butler'​s poem from each of the completed stone cairns. ​  
 +It was a truly celebratory night and great tribute to John Butler, whose vision for the Poets Walk is now complete, with six stone cairns and flood marker cairn along the walk beautifully restored by stonemason Ted Cole. 
 +Work will continue over the coming years with improvements to the walking track and further regeneration along the riverbank - keep your eye out for working bees. 
 +Below: Bob, Rhonda, Dave and Judith Butler, with Ted Cole and Cr Ben Buckley at the launch of the stone cairns. 
 +{{ :​aa-exhibitions:​2_07arimg_6387_sm2.jpg ​|}}
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 + ​{{:​living_river_basketry_1.jpg?​180 |}}
-**Living River 
 **Launch of Living River, 2 May at twilight.** ​ **Launch of Living River, 2 May at twilight.** ​
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