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Great Alpine Arts Trail, 5 & 6 May, 2018

Download the full Arts Trail program here.

The 2018 Great Alpine Arts Trail was curated and presented by the Great Alpine Gallery on behalf of the community, artists, artisans and crafts people of the Tambo Valley from Tambo Crossing to Benambra.

It was a huge success with over 20 events, workshops, talks, open studios, installations and markets. While our artists and craftspeople benefitted financially from the Trail, it was also a great delight to see new connections being made, old ones being revitalised, and talk about future projects, groups and activities abounding.

It raised the profile of creativity in the area and encouraged, supported and promoted local artistry. We are proud to continue this on a daily basis at our Gallery.

The Trail also benefitted the community bringing in an estimated $30,000 to the local economy, which, in such a low populated area, is a wonderful result. It also opened up the Great Alpine Road from Bairnsdale to Hotham to the travelling public many of whom hadn't been up here at all, or for years.

Thank you to all involved, artists, organisers, supporters, and to all our lovely visitors (around 200) who did the drive along the Great Alpine Road, and were so happy to be here. It was a wonderful weekend and we loved having you here in our 'hood.

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