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Artists at work Our artists are the lifeblood of the Great Alpine Gallery. The Gallery features the work of multiple artists working across a huge range of media. Many of our artists are also the volunteers you'll find working in the gallery.

You can see a complete list of the full range of our artists and their skills below. Follow the links for more detailed information about some of them.

Our artists

A variety of the active artists involved with the Great Alpine Gallery are listed below. You'll find the work of many of these artists featured in the gallery space or available for purchase in our gift shop.

Follow the links for the highlighted artists for further information and to engage with some of their work. Find out details of their backgrounds, private galleries, workspaces, contact them, or purchase some of their work direct.

Our artists and their areas of speciality
Ann Bingham
Silk painting
Ann's profile
Penny Carruthers
Variety of media
Penny's profile
Allan Fox
Allan's profile
Deirdre Jack
Pastels and oils
Deirdre's profile
Tracey Johnson
Variety of media
Tracey's profile
Margaret Lomas
Variety of media
Margaret's profile
Naomi Oliver
Jewellery and
Naomi's profile
Marg Pearson
Acrylic and
mixed media
Marg's profile
Carole Pepper
Soap and textiles
Carole's profile
Anne Richardson
Anne's profile
Kathy Sisely
Mixed media
Kathy's profile
Leanne Stedman
Variety of media
Leanne's profile
Charles Hall
Writer & novelist
Charles' profile
Sammie Oliver
Drawing, fabric,
and photography
Sammie's profile
Elisabeth Williams
Acrylic, drawing
& mixed media
Elisabeth's profile
Jerry Williams
Drawing and
Jerry's profile
Lynne Antonoff
Variety of media

Gordon Bain
Variety of media

Iris Bain
Variety of media

Bob Bates
Variety of media

Cynthia Boyle
Variety of media

Ngaere Donald
Variety of media

Dawn Eadie
Variety of media

Gay Evans
Variety of media

Henry Firus

Tiffany Forster

Thea Gallagher

Marg Hallett
Variety of media

Merrybelle Hayes

Jill Jessup
Variety of media

Lynn Lochrie
Variety of media

Robert Logie
Oil prints

Sheila McLarty

Daphne Mihan
Variety of media

Wendy Nickson
Watercolour and
mixed media

John O'Neill

Leonie Robinson

Paul Wilson

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